• Warbird Weekend 2014

    Warbird Weekend 2014 is held at Udduvoll airfield from 29th to 31st of August.

    This is our 10 year anniversary. We invite all warbird enthusiasts to celebrate with us. As usual we will serve you a good dinner every night, unlimited flying and a great athmosphere. The ever popular and young radio Fjerdingen is reported in super shape and will do everything in hands to entertain you all throughout this magic weekend in the middle of Norway.

    I will have to come back to you with more information once everything is ready. As for now the menu is:

    Home made chili con carne

    White wine grill cooked salmon with coriander potato salad

    Tea time: Big cake with Spitfires
    Dinner: Warbird BBQ deal

    Warbird BBQ deal

    There will be free warbird camp at the airfield. We however ask that people pay 100 NOK a day if they want 220V power. We are closing a deal with one of the best hotels in Trondheim. Will come back with the warbird prices later.

    We are trying to close deal with live entertainment also.

    Mr. RC Spielberg is flying in from Germany to film us. Here is your chance for great footage of your model and 5 minutes of fame.

    Please give us a hint if you plan to attend here:


    for the clever none FB member, here:


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      På tide å få bestilt seg tøy til treffet !

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