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Hyperion Extra 260 ARF, 120e class

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  • Hyperion Extra 260 ARF, 120e class

    Her er modellen beskrevet fra Hyperion:

    The Hyperion Extra 260 120e captures the characteristica of Walter Extra's 260 as only few other models on the market today.

    Hyperion remains to be the only manufaturer that develops electro-only models of this size. We do not believe in compromises and the advantages of not having to possibly cope with a vibrating single-cylinder glow or gas engine allows us to get radical when chosing materials and dimensions. The results are a model of incredibly low weight for it's size.

    The Extra 260 can be flown either on 8S or on 10S. When chosing 8S, the Hyperion Z4035-B14 motor is best employed for top performance. We have vast experience with this motor in our F3A Helios 90 and it's predecessor.

    On 10S, it is the proven Z5025-B22 that has been the power house for our Yak54 120e that we recommend. Both the Z4035 and the 5025 are bolt-on solutions as the firewall accepts both without any modifications.

    The trend really is More Aircraft Per Weight Unit and we recommend that you give the 8S solution some serious thoughts.

    Og her er de vitale data:
    Wingspan: 1854 mm
    Wing area: 67.7 dm2
    Length: 1737 mm
    Flying weight: 4.5 - 5.0kg
    Servos: 5
    Lipos: 8S - 10S
    Power: 400w plus per kilo
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    Alf Wilhelm Hansen

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    Alf Wilhelm Hansen


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      Dette blir heftig Alf, skal du fly på 8 eller 10s,

      Gleder meg til å teste denne den 11 mai på Løken?
      - Håvard Glad Andreassen
      - Warbirds over EVJE 2019 ->


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        Det blir 10S siden jeg har noen 5S pakker til min Sebart, Extremeflight og trex500.

        Og må si at jeg liker godt klassiske Extra 260 i dette enkle lekre fargeskjemaet. Da kan jeg fly trex, Extremeflight Extra og Extra 120e med samme oppsettene og benytte pakkene fritt
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        Alf Wilhelm Hansen