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Dualsky Extra Combo fra Rcnet

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  • Dualsky Extra Combo fra Rcnet

    Fikk i går etterspørsel om å teste Dualsky Extra spekket med Dualsky utstyr. Jeg har tidligere testet Dualsky motorer, kontrollere og batterier og resultatet har vært bra.

    Nå er det i tillegg en Extra 260 som skal prøves ut.

    Her er info om modellen fra Dualsky:
    The beautiful airplane was designed in partnership with Dualsky China and Dualsky USA! The nationally renowned IMAC flyer and Dualsky Production manager designed the precision aircraft while the US team did the graphics! Together a wonderful aircraft was put into production!

    The Dualsky Extra 260 has a 54" wing with large control surfaces for extreme 3D flight! This plane will weigh in around 4-4.5 lbs with the recommended setup. This plane uses actual Monokote, not cheap imitation covering!


    * Light Weight Landing Gear
    * Easy to Open Magnetic Hatch
    * High Quality Covering
    * 3D Control Surfaces
    * Contrasting top and Bottom Color Scheme
    * Carbon Fiber Wing Tube
    * Carbon Fiber Control Horns
    * Quick Release Wing bolts
    * Pull Pull Rudder for Extreme Control
    * Canopy Hatch Pre-Built!
    * Engine Box Ready for electric Motor


    * Weight: 1,8 - 2,0kg
    * Wingspan: 137cm
    * Motor: Dualsky 4250-6T
    * ESC: Dualsky XC60 A ESC
    * Battery: Dualsky Xp33004GT
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    Alf Wilhelm Hansen

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    Flere bilder

    Flere bilder av utstyr og kit
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    Alf Wilhelm Hansen