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    Det er desverre oppdaget feil på noen ICE HV120 regulatorer fra Castle. De oppfordrer derfor alle som har kjøpt denne regulatoren om å returnere den for å få erstattet den med en ny. Har du en slik regulator kan du utføre byttet direkte mot Castles avdeling i Europa (raskeste løsning), eller via vår serviceavdeling her i Elefun. Følgende er offisielt skriv fra Castle angående denne saken.*Nærmere informasjon om innsending finner du nederst i dette skrivet.
    July 25, 2011

    While Castle takes all controller failures seriously, many have felt that our response to the incidences of failures in our Phoenix Ice 120HV was taking too long. We didn’t make any official statements as we couldn’t identify any particular pattern or cause for the failures. Our Repair Dept. keeps track of our returns – for any reason — and the returns of the 120HV were actually very low; less than 3%.* We generally see more than that rate of return just from crash damage unrelated to the controllers. Given that we’ve produced more than 10,000 of these controllers, a low percentage of failure still results in a lot of upset customers.
    We’ve recently determined that some, again some, setups stress particular components in a way that causes the controllers to fail instantly.* The failure mode allows a complete short circuit to occur.* Our controllers are designed to carry high currents with as little resistance as possible..* This is advantageous when the controllers are operating properly, but this leads to extreme currents and heat when the controllers fail.* As the ICE controllers are encapsulated in metal heatsinks, this heat is further concentrated such that physical injuries or property damage may occur.
    Our engineers have tested a hardware modification that greatly reduces the risk of this particular failure.* We do not recommend using Phoenix Ice 12HV controllers until they have been modified to this new standard.
    Please return any 120HV controllers that you may have for one that has this modification.* There will be no charge for this exchange. Please advise anyone using a 120HV controller of this notice.
    Click this link and follow the directions to process your return.
    European customers may return their controllers via a traceable delivery service to our new European repair center:
    2250 OLEN
    Please be sure to include a copy of the order confirmation in your package.
    NOTE: For purposes of fast turnaround, you will be sent another Phoenix Ice HV 120 controller. Remove all connectors, etc. from your ESC before shipping as they will not be returned with your replacement controller.
    Our Technical Support and Repair staff do not have any additional information, calling them will only lead to additional frustration for all involved.* We will advise you via email of the expected shipment date for your return.
    We apologize for any problems this matter may have caused, and we hope that our candor and willingness to repair these controllers will help maintain your trust in our products and service.
    Thanks, Team Castle
    Ønsker du å bruke EleFun som mellomledd kan du registrere inn din sak i vårt serviceskjema. Du vil så bli fulgt opp av vår serviceavdeling med hvordan vi skal gå frem.
    Alle nyheter og innlegg skrevet av bruker er automatisk hentet fra .
    Henvendelser angående denne posten rettes til oss her.
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    Nå er dette utvidet til hele HV serien samt Mamba XL and HYDRA ICE HV. - Fast Shipping, Excellent Service, Huge Inventory...See For Yourself!
    Ørjan Pettersen
    Trenger du hjelp til oppsett av helikopter i Tromsø, bare ta kontakt.


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      ICE HV, Mamba XL & Hydra Ice HV
      Warning & Recall advisory 2011-03
      Aug 20, 2011

      The performance of a component used in the Castle ICE HV 60, ICE HV 80, ICE HV 120, ICE HV 160, Mamba XL and HYDRA ICE HV controllers has changed from the original specifications for that part. This tolerance change may lead to failure of the affected controllers.
      For your safety, we request that all customers cease operation of these controllers immediately. Send all of these controllers back to Castle for modifications required to improve the safety and reliability of these products. This recall includes all controllers labeled as V3. There are no charges associated with this modification.
      The only controllers that are properly modified and are approved for operation will be labeled clearly as ICE HV (Amp Rating) 2, Mamba XL 2 & HYDRA ICE HV 2.